Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nailene acrylics

Nailene Acrylic Sculpture Kit
I have the worst luck with my natural nails. I'll grow them out to the perfect length and they will look pretty for about a week. But for some reason after that they get brittle and break. All my efforts of not biting them off, go down the drain. I've even tried a number of vitamins that claim they will strengthen your nails, as well as make your skin and hair look nice. But that lasts for a couple of weeks and they start breaking again. I feel my fingers look stubby when I don't have a little length to my nails. In the past to get lasting nails, I've gone to the salon to get acrylics where it costs more than $25 for a full set and about $15 for a fill. It adds up when you need to go in every two weeks.

I found this Nailene kit a few weeks ago looking for glue on nails. I liked the idea that it was acrylic too and not just fake plastic nails. The 40 tips package was about $8. They had a larger package that was $12 with more nail tips. I had heard a few good things about Nailene before so I purchased these.

The set includes 40 various nail tips in different colors (white and clear) as well as sizes. And of course: nail glue, acrylic liquid and powder, a file and not shown a small brush. The nail lengths are quite long so I did cut them down for myself. This set is quite versatile and would satisfy most every one's preference for length.

I really do love these nails. The nail glue is so strong. In the several weeks I've been using this set, I've only had one nail fall off. I've also only had one nail break. But there are things that I didn't like with this kit. First, the directions tell you to pour out the acrylic liquid into a container but it doesn't come with one. So I spent ten minutes trying to find something I can dispose of afterwards. Another thing I did not like is when you are applying acrylic you need to leave your brush in acetone to make sure the acrylic doesn't harden on it. It ruins the brush if it does. No where on the directions did it say this, so by the time I figured out what was happening it was too late. I should have known. But I had to toss the brush.

The finished results are quite nice for being an amateur at doing acrylics. However, it was a little lumpy for my taste. Since I'm right handed my right nails had the worst lumps. If you can have someone else do them for you each time these would be great. But for myself that isn't the case. I have ended up just using the tips and they look great alone! You can see them here. I think I will be sticking with the glue-ons from now on. Nailene also sells them by themselves.


  1. Ooo, these sound interesting,my nails are really brittle and break easily too :( Sad times!

    Laura xoxo

    1. See, I thought so too, but I'm just gonna stick to the glue-on nails. :P I wish my nails were stronger! lol
      xo Smitty


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