Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life lately

Pretty sunset | Shopping for flowers at a nursery, I hope my garden looks this way one day | Growing peppers on the patio, they are getting big! | Finally got a bonsai tree, I've been wanting one for forever :) | Hung Buddhist prayer flags on the patio, signify happiness, prosperity and long life | I'm obsessed with clouds! | More flowers I got for the patio | Found this at a thrift shop, I love it! | Another thrifty find, it's a Buddha face candle holder :) | My hair is INSANE when I wear it natural! | I loooove Jamba! Pomegranate is yummy! | Cool old building with a random heart painted on it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Edition Birchbox

I can't believe it's been longer than a month since I last posted! I haven't been completely MIA though..if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (my user name on both these is: @jagsmitty) then you've seen bits and pieces of what is going on in my life currently. If not, well then go follow me..!! No but really. :) I will be doing a life update, as well as a blog/shop update post soon. Quality posts over quantity like I always say.

This month's Birchbox is by far my most favorite! I think I've been subscribed to Birchbox now for about 4 months...and I have not been disappointed! There has been one problem with one of the products but the Birchbox team was so quick to correct their mistake that I don't even think much about it. In my opinion, each month the box gets better and better.

On to the products I received...I was really happy to get a Juicy Couture perfume sampler, can you believe I've never smelled this perfume before? I'm surprised by how much I like the scent, it's sweet and floral scented and lasts all day! I can smell it on myself throughout the day, I love that about a perfume, it'll last me much longer than a mist perfume. The price varies depending on the size you purchase, between $69 and $89.

The sample sizes to me are precious, they look so cute in their tiny packaging. I received a sample size of Stainiac in Beauty Queen by theBalm cosmetics. However, I'm afraid to use this product. I've never had much luck with stains before. My skin is on the dry side, so when I've used stains in the past they did not blend well and I ended up with blotchy looking skin. If I brave up, I promise I'll let you know my thoughts on it. The full size for this product costs $17.

I have not tried the COOLA Cucumber Matte Mineral Face SPF 30 just yet. I have not been outside much since this box arrived. I'm looking forward to trying it out because it sounds really nice. I'll do an update as soon as I do. The full size costs $36.

The Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint is one of my favorite samples in this box! It's an all-over, tinted moisturizer that creates a dewy and glowing finish. It's perfect for summer! Which of course is this month's box theme. The full size however, is $38. Which seems a little steep for moisturizer...but I think I might eventually purchase this. ;)

 Just like the stain, only worse, I'm terrified to try out the Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive wipes! The idea of self-tanner in wipe form sounds like a streaky orange nightmare waiting to happen. I might test one out on a small area that will be hidden for a few days, after I've tried this... A pack of 8 of these costs $14.99.

My absolute favorite in this box is of course, the Modcloth headband! How cute is the print on it?! I love these types of headbands; inside the cloth is a wire that bends very easily but seems to be very sturdy. Which is good because it should last a while, so it's worth the money, it costs $14.

Has anyone tried these products? Let me know your thoughts on them!