Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chatterbox week 8

Always painting my nails | Made business cards for when I open my shop online | Reached over 100 followers! | My new shoes that I loveee! | Pictures from the lake by my house | Jeffrey's that I want | My bf surprised me with a new laptop | I am saving to go to IMATS in Canada | Enjoying these sunny days | Downtown Portland looking gorgeous
I had another amazing week of life and blogging. Highlights including: my bf surprising me with a new laptop and reaching 100 followers on my blog. Most of the days were filled with sunshine and it's only making me more and more excited for the warmer months coming. I'm also looking forward to adding more summer clothes to my wardrobe. But who isn't right?

This week I started getting things ready for my shop I will be opening online. I've mentioned a few details before but for anyone who missed them: I will be starting a jewelry shop soon and if all goes well I'll be adding dresses. I have so many great ideas for it. And I cannot wait to get started.

A friend and I have made the decision to save up money to go to IMATS in Canada this summer. The tix are not expensive but we need to save up for gas and room money. And she also has to get a passport. And of course, I'm sure we will be shopping as well. I'm hoping they don't sell out first! *crossing my fingers*

I've got my giveaway ready and I will have it posted and live tomorrow. I will tell you what it is then, as well as details on how to enter. I hope you guys like it! The rest of today will be spent getting posts ready for later this week. Talk to you guys tomorrow! :)


  1. Love your nails in the first pictures and congrats on 100 followers. I really hope you get to go to IMATS, I would love to go to the NYC one as I've never been to one. Oh well

    Love your blog(:

    1. Aww thank you lovely! You are so sweet! I've never been to one either! You should try to go! They seem like they would be so much fun! I don't think tix are too much either.. :)
      xo Smitty

  2. loving your shoes!!

  3. Congrats on the followers!
    I love your nails and your new shoes :) xxx


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