Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink & Purple

Blouse, leggings, necklace Forever 21
Booties eBay
So first I have to give a huge apology to everyone who entered my blog giveaway! I had said I was going to announce the winner a few days ago but it had completely slipped my on that note, drum roll please........the winner is Madison from madisoncary! :)) I'll be emailing you shortly about mailing you the gifts lovely!

I know when I'm back to work when I have a fresh paper cut nearly everyday! Argh. My fingers look like they got into a cat fight... o__o it's good to be back to my normal schedule again, but leaving at 5am is absolutely killer! Last week I was crashing the moment I walked into my apartment at 3:30pm. But now that I survived the first week I have much more energy! I'll be able to properly blog now, yay!

The past few days have been beyond beautiful! Portland is gorgeous when the clouds part. The dull shade of green we normally see is replaced with vibrant ones. I can definitely appreciate living in the middle of the forest when this happens. Now I'm not ready for the rain again...I don't want to part with this 80 degree weather! *sigh* I cannot wait for summer.

This outfit was shot several days ago, before it got hot! This came together from me just throwing things on...I sometimes think my best outfits come from not over thinking them. Completely comfortable and cute. I think that's my motto when it comes to what I wear. I don't want to feel restricted in my clothes. Shoes are a different story though. ;) These booties are my JC knockoffs that I love!

I'll be catching up on the blogoshere tomorrow, for now it's time to call it a night...


  1. I love your blouse and the colour of your leggings, you look lovely :) xxx

  2. Your blouse is really cute :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. i really love your outfit in this! super cute. and i'm so excited about the giveaway! yay!! thank you!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Very casual Chic! LOVE the polka dots and the pop of color with your pants and lipstick!

  5. Again - hair = gorgeous!!! xxx

  6. Love your outfit and your shoes are gorgeous!
    Great blog by the way, I am definitely following :)
    Would love if you could check out my blog sometime and maybe follow if it takes your fancy :).


  7. love your hair and your blouse!

  8. Lovely outfit!
    Love your blouse :)

    Great blog, following :)

  9. You're gorgeous! I love your dipped dyed hair and style girl. Definitely following.

    Ploy <3 xx

  10. You're so pretty! Love your blouse and hair x


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