Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sea hair

Living here in Portland has got me missing the beaches in sunny California. Where I lived half my life. Not being able to have a spontaneous trip to the beach is very saddening. I mean it's possible to go now, but it's a two hour drive and the beaches in the northwest just don't compare to southern California ones. It's been raining here for weeks, and in the short spans that it doesn't it's still so gloomy. I know spring is right around the corner and then summer. But as a little reminder to myself that these clouds will go away eventually, I decided to make seashell barrettes. This was so much fun and brightened my mood. It's very easy too. All you need: seashell(s) [up to you how many you want to stick together], craft felt, barrette(s) [I used a 2'' one], scissors and a hot glue gun.

How to: cut out a rectangle or square from felt (depending on size of shell); fold so that when glued in shell both ends of the barrette sit level (the point of folding is to make the barrette level); glue the folded piece together; glue felt to one end of shell; then glue on barrette. Very simple to do. (The picture also helps to explain the steps!) Let dry, then wear. Caution: hot glue guns can be scary to use, please be careful and don't burn yourself!

 Finished barrette.

Me wearing my barrette. I haven't actually gotten to wear this out yet, but I'm excited to. I love everything about the beach, they're all so beautiful, even if they are gloomy. I'm going to make some more of these with different types of shells. Does anyone know what type of shell this is? I need to look it up...if you know please tell me! I would love that.

Tonight was a lot of fun. Had dinner in Hawthorne at this restaurant called Cha Cha Cha!. Veggie tamales and a corona with lime. I'm a sucker for Mexican food, it's delicious. I went with the bf and his sister. After dinner we went to a couple different pubs and played pool. I love Hawthorne area, the vibe is nice. Such a wonderful mixture of people and styles. It's filled with random shops, everything from gift type shops to clothing boutiques and I'm pretty sure there's a local fortune teller there as well. That would be interesting to try. And of course coffee shops on every street corner. One thing I absolutely adore about Portland life is the food and it's coffee shops. Being a vegetarian is so hard when it comes to finding a place to eat a legitimate meal. (Fries don't count!!) Portland has an extravagant amount of veg head friendly restaurants and even food carts. (Duh, being the food cart capitol of the world!) I think my favorite shop in Hawthorne is the Buffalo Exchange. It's a cute little thrift boutique off the beaten path. But it's not your average thrifty. They are very particular about what they accept for their vintage inspired threads. Some of the stuff still has original tags! I plan on going there very soon. Check out there website: Buffalo Exchange.



  1. You are creative! It's so great! :)

  2. Aww thank you! I do love them myself!
    Xo, Smitty

  3. I love this I may try it !! good job love

    1. Thank you!! You should, it's so cute!
      Xo, Smitty


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