Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beauty on a budget :: PURE ICE nailpolish

To start off I would have to call myself a nailpolish junkie. I buy a new shade almost every week. I'm addicted, what can I say? However, I refuse to pay over $3 for a bottle of polish...at least not anymore. Thankfully there are cheaper brands out there. My favorite inexpensive brand is PURE ICE by Bari Cosmetics. They have over a hundred shades, everywhere from shimmer, matte, sparkle/glitter, and even crackle! You can find PURE ICE polish at most drug stores and online at baricosmetics.com. I bought mine at Walmart for only $1.99! The great thing about these polishes is that they look and feel like you should have payed more! The consistency is nice, not watery, nor too thick. I only apply two coats and then a clear top coat, and bam! beautiful nails! Three of my favorite shades are: taupe drawer, best friend, and spit fire. Best friend is a very pretty soft beige/cream color with a bit of shimmer. This shade is perfect if you just want a pop of color/shimmer on your nails without overdoing it. Taupe drawer is a matte polish with shades of brown and plum. In darker lighting it looks brown; but in brighter light you see the hint of plum. But very pretty, it's actually my current fav and I'm wearing it right now. The real fun begins when you get to spit fire! Glitter nailpolish is so perfect for going out, parties, or for New Years; which is when I wore this shade! You can wear them alone or as a top coat on another shade. For New Years I wore this shade by itself, which meant I needed an extra coat so I could really get that extra pop of sparkle. This glitter shade would best be described as a creamy mauve as the main sparkle and a few rainbow sparkles throughout.

From left to right: best friend, taupe drawer and spit fire.
PURE ICE by Bari Cosmetics.

I haven't started doing my ombré hair yet...I'll be heading to the market soon to pick up dye/bleach. This will be tomorrow's blog. And I will have photos to show too! Of course, that is if nothing goes wrong! I've been thinking about a lot of blog ideas and it has sent my brain into to overload so I've been jotting them down in my phone. And I have a Valentine's Day inspired one that I can't wait to share!

Also, I ordered a Julep Maven beauty box that should be here in about a week. I am very excited, it will be my first beauty box! The theme is bombshell! Yay!

Well that is all for now, hope you enjoyed this!

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